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Charles B. Hill, M.S.
Diagnostic Medical Physicist

Kamaljit K. Gill, M.S.
Diagnostic Medical Physicist


Shielding, Planning & Design

Diagnostic Technology Consultants, Inc.© (DTC) is able to offer you a multifaceted approach to all your imaging facility design needs.  

Whether you just need to know if, or how much, lead is in an imaging room's walls, or you are planning a new or replacement room and need a shielding design, or you need to have expert consultation on designing an imaging room, from room design through shielding recommendation and follow up shielding verification, DTC has staff with the knowledge and experience to assist you. 

If you are a Radiology Director and have done imaging room renovations or con-struction, you know how complex it can become.  If you've never been involved with architects and contractors, construction and remodel projects can be quite intimidating.  

As a Radiology Director, you undoubtedly have many other responsibilities with your Imaging Department that compete for your time and attention. That's why an objective consultant can help relieve some of the stress of these projects. Construction costs are high, so it's crucial that the project be designed correctly at the front end, rather than going through very expensive change orders once plans have been finalized or construction has actually begun. If you are an architect or contractor, even if you have experience with healthcare design and construction, you know how complex it is. Imaging technology is a continually evolving science, and the rules regulating it also continue to evolve.

That is why an expert in the physics of radiation shielding design is your best
partner for these projects. We have staff with considerable experience in not only the science of radiation shielding design, but also in Radiology and Nuclear Medicine management and department design.  

Anca Mirela Iliescu, M.S., DABR
Lead Diagnostic Medical Physicist

Jiping Zhan, Ph.D., DABR
Nuclear Medical Physicist

Ruth S. Schukman-Dakotas, B.A.
Health Physicist & RSO

Audrey V. Wegst, Ph.D.

Gregory S. Wegst, M.A.
Vice President

Kenneth W. Billmaier, Jr., B.A.
Operations Manager

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