Audrey V. Wegst, Ph.D.

Gregory S. Wegst, M.A.
Vice President

Kenneth W. Billmaier, Jr., B.A.
Operations Manager

Anca Mirela Iliescu, M.S., DABR
Lead Diagnostic Medical Physicist

Jiping Zhan, Ph.D., DABR
Nuclear Medical Physicist

Ruth S. Schukman-Dakotas, B.A.
Health Physicist & RSO

Charles B. Hill, M.S.
Diagnostic Medical Physicist

Kamaljit K. Gill, M.S.
Diagnostic Medical Physicist

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“The physicists and staff from DTC

have always exceeded our Radiation

Safety Program needs.  Not only

are they exceptionally thorough

in their job performance,

but they deliver it with utmost


and always with

personalized service

to the customer.” 

- Tom, Radiology Director



Kansas City


annual medical physics

“I have really enjoyed working with Mr. Billmaier over the years on several projects involving imaging equipment and highly recommend him and his company." 

- Larry L. Ralph,
Principal/President HMN Architects, Inc.