"The physicists and staff from
DTC have always exceeded
our Radiation Safety Program
needs. Not only are they
exceptionally thorough in
their job performance, but
they deliver it with utmost
professionalism and always
with personalized service
to the customer."

- Tom
Radiology Director, Florida​​


DTC’s physicists also provide assistance with many other tasks. These include facility design, shielding design and integrity testing, as well as patient dose calculations in specific cases, review of personnel dosimetry data, assistance with writing of radioactive materials license applications for new licenses, license renewals, and license amendments.

DTC staff attend radiation safety committee meetings and provide general advice on radiation safety issues related to patients or staff.

​DTC has an agreement with two other consulting firms for emergency support.


DTC was established as a Kansas corporation in 1987 by Audrey Wegst, Ph.D, DABR after a two year posting at the United Nations working for the International Atomic Energy Agency. It has operated and grown continuously over the years and plans to continue growing for many years to come. DTC currently serves 33 hospitals and many clinics in multiple states.

DTC began solely as a provider of diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine medical physics services to hospitals in the Kansas City area. In 1992 DTC entered into the educational/training field by writing, producing and distributing a series of 9 training videos in radiation safety for various personnel working in the hospital. 

This educational activity was expanded into courses

for physicians and in 1997 DTC taught the first of many organized 80 hour courses for physicians. This course

was later expanded with DTC’s assistance into a board certification program in Nuclear Endocrinology which DTC successfully guided through the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) application and approval process to see it recognized as a sub-specialty medical board. 

In 1993, DTC expanded into Florida and continues to serve 4 hospitals there.  In 2006, DTC expanded its scope, capabilities and expertise to include Radiation Safety Officer services to a major academic hospital. Periodically, DTC supports a medical physics student in an internship position.


Crystal Bogenreif

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Joshua R. McIlvain, M.S., DABR

​Medical Physics

Jiping Zhan, Ph.D., DABR​​

Chemical Physics

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Whether your facility is under construction or is looking to get started or established and in  need of our skills, you can rest assured that we’re going to help you. We’re committed to providing you with superior support and knowledge. We approach every client with a focus on integrity, advocacy, and understanding. 

Audrey Wegst, Ph.D., DABR

Radiation Biophysics

DTC’s medical physics services consist of annual testing of the all radiologic equipment including radiographic, fluoroscopic, CT, C-arms and mammography, as well as ultrasound and MRI scanners. In addition, DTC provides qualified medical physics support for American College of Radiology (ACR) and The Joint Commission (TJC) certification for CT, MRI ultrasound. DTC also provides qualified medical physics support in accordance with Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA).

DTC conducts quarterly audits of Nuclear Medicine departments, checking the status

of all instruments which detect radiation including thyroid uptake probes, well counters, dose calibrators, survey meters, gamma camera and PET/CT scanners. In addition, DTC provides qualified medical physics support for gamma cameras and PET scanners for certification by the ACR or TJC.  


Tami Hull, CRA., B.A

Healthcare Management